IC Feminists meet Tuesdays at 8:00 pm in Friends 207!

feminism -1 : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes; 2 : organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests; 3 : anything that differentiates women from doormats; 4 : the radical idea that women are people and that all people are capable of treating one another fairly without regard to gender; 5 : movements and personal actions that eradicate misogyny, create love, spread peace, accept women as powerful, make movements, shake patriarchy, and generally make everyone feel awesome.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Natural Beauty Campaign Raffle Winners!

Congrats to all the NBC Raffle Winners!
  • Liz Smith (Library Staff): Sexy Soap
  • Zach Tomarelli: Sunscreen
  • Ashely Chiocco: Girls Fight Back T-shirt
  • Rebekah Forni: Girls Fight Back Book
  • Ninoshka: Massage Oil
  • Jessica Cacciola: Hand Salve by Burts Bees
  • Becky Webster: Antibacterial Lotions
  • Theresa: Antibacterial Handwipes
  • Katy Liebold: Antibacterial Handwipes
  • Sam Wan: Toothbrush
  • Emma Harris: Toothpaste
  • Alan Borger (Library Staff): Toothpaste
  • Stephanie Kromhout: The Diva Cup!
To claim your prize, please come to the Student Activities Center on the 3rd floor of Egbert Hall in the Campus Center and show your faculty/staff or student ID to the front desk representative beginning Friday 11/14. Thanks for coming- and a big thanks to Greenstar Cooperative Markets for sponsoring our raffle prizes!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Natural Beauty Campaign

Need a fresh fruit face massage, a how-to on yoga, and want to find out more about the toxicology of health and beauty products?

must be defined as what we are or else the concept itself is our enemy
. -crimethInc.

  • Want to feel beautiful inside and out?
  • Perhaps you'd like to get rid of toxic products on your shelf?
  • Do you desire to sample organic deodorant and toothpaste?
  • Try a strip of henna hairdye?
  • Enter free raffles for natural muscle soothers, soaps, shampoos, and much more?
The Natural Beauty Campaign is a day of product-sampling and information for all students at Ithaca College about organic, local, and natural health products such as mouthwash, makeup, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tampons, shaving gel, mascara, and more. This event, co-hosted by I.C. Feminists and the I.C. Environmental Society with help from Colleges Against Cancer will focus on the dangerous toxicity levels in 'mainstream' natural health/beauty products, and where students can find healthier, more sustainable alternatives.

Featuring try-it stations for toothpaste, cosmetics, shampoo, soaps, conditioners, lotions, deoderant, herbal remedies, and much more!, organic fruit facial rubs, how-to Yoga Sessions, a FREE Local Foods Lunch during the Lunch Hour, and special guest speaker Sandra Steingraber, author of "Living Downstream: An Ecologist Looks at Cancer and the Environmentz' Steingraber is a biologist, poet, and survivor of cancer in her twenties, and brings all three perspectives to bear on the most important health and human rights issue of our time: the growing body of evidence linking cancer to environmental contamination.


Make-up sampling, product sampling, delicious local foods during the lunch hour, and a speaker who will discuss the importance of paying attention to the chemicals in your product, to the messages mainstream health media send to us, the effect an unnatural beauty standard has on men, women, and children, and how we can begin to accept and put our money towards a more 'natural' kind of daily beauty.


ps: This event is geared towards the student body REGARDLESS of gender! While we do have some cosmetic gear, the majority of the program is focused on products and information for anyone interested in physical appearance, self-worth, and health/beauty/hygiene products.



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vote for Vaginas!

Tomorrow, Thursday October 30th

Lunch Hour: 12:05-1:10pm
Textor 101

Welcome again! Due to sick panelists and broken pizza ovens, Vote for Vaginas was canceled last week. Come this week -- same time, same place -- for a professor- and student-facilitated discussion about engendered political issues in the upcoming election. Everyone is welcome this Thursday, October 30, in Textor 101 at 12:05 p.m. for the chance to eat pizza, listen to professors' and students' perspectives on the candidates' policies, and provide your own input.


The conversation will feature five politically opinionated professors who will answer questions proposed by IC Feminists.

Discussion will revolve around women's issues, student issues and economic issues. FREE pizza will be provided, or bring your own lunch.

Sit in for a few minutes or stay the whole lunch period. Anyone and everyone is welcome! More questions? E-mail IC Feminists at icfeminists@gmail.com.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let's talk politics!

Hello Feminists,

I hope everyone is cozy in their apartments/rooms/houses/lounges watching the Presidential Debates!

Tonight we talked about the Presidential candidates and their stances on women's issues.

Here are a couple of the videos we watched:

We didn't get a chance to watch this one, but it's worth checking out:

Lindsey passed along this website she heard about in one of her classes, it's supposed to be unbiased. Give it a look!

The Vote 4 Vaginas working group is meeting tomorrow at 5:30 at Joy's house, email icfeminists@gmail.com for more information.

Don't forget to submit your nominations for Feminist of the Month - including a blurb about why you are nominating this person. Send us an email with the nomination or bring it with you to our next meeting!

Enjoy the debates!

Girls Fight Back!

Hello Feminists!

On September 25th, IC Feminists hosted Erin Weed from Girls Fight Back! Thank you to everyone who came to the event! It was a fun, informative and empowering program on women's personal safety and self-defense. 

Erin shows us the vulnerable spots on SGA President Cornell Woodson

For those of you who missed the program, check out the "Bad Ass Ballet," - an easy to follow video that will come in handy if you are ever put into a situation where you need to defend yourself. 

Stop by our meeting tonight at 8:00 in Friends 207...we'll be discussing politics and our Vote for Vaginas program - it's sure to be a good time! See you there!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey everyone,

We held our 4th Annual This Is What A Feminist Cooks Like Potluck yesterday, September 23, at Emma's Garden Apartment! It was a wonderful feast of delicious food and conversation. Thank you to all the lovely feminists who stopped by!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Here are our expressions of body image love/hate.

Always look for the love, feminists!

Body Image

Hey Feminists,

We focused on body image and the effects of the media at our meeting. Its always great to hear everyone's opinions on the subject.

Here are a couple videos that to check out. Enjoy!

Our body image loves/hates will be posted soon! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our WONDERFUL first meeting!!

We just had our first IC Feminists meeting and it was SWEET! Thanks to everyone who turned out, brought a friend and helped spread the word. 

We started out with some introductions and information about upcoming events, such as:

The Student Organization Fair on Wednesday, September 3 from 10:00 am - 3 pm in Emerson Suites. The Student Organization Fair is hosted by the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement. Come check out the different groups we have on campus, and naturally, don't forget to stop by the IC Feminists
table and say hi!

The BOLD Red Tent, Birth Choices Ithaca, and The Birth Fair sponsored by BirthNet of the Finger Lakes. This event takes place on Saturday, September 6th from 11 am - 3pm at the Women's Community Building (100 West Seneca St.). Email us at icfeminists@gmail.com if you're interested in carpooling, need directions or just need some more info!

We continued on in the meeting with an ice breaker, where we all took off our shoes and shared some similarities and differences. At the end of the meeting we broke into groups and had some great discussions! 

Join us next Tuesday at 8 pm in Friends 207! Come with ideas for activities and programs you'd like to see this semester!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Meeting!

Welcome back feminists!

Glad to have you all back on campus! Hope your summers were exactly what you wanted them to be and the beginning of the semester is going smoothly - don't stress about classes because you'll have your weekly therapeutic IC Feminist meeting to keep you happy and healthy throughout the semester.

We have an exciting semester of feminism coming up - a "Vote for Vaginas" program, a natural herbalist and Organic/Natural Beauty Fair, collaboration with the African-Latino Society, and much more. We hope you will all join us for our first meeting next Tuesday, September 2nd, at 8 pm in Friends 203. We will be introducing ourselves, playing some games and discussing what feminism is while enjoying some tasty treats! Encourage the underclass-persons you know to join us - bring a friend, socialize, and plan our events for the semester! 

We also have some group bonding already being planned: This Is What a Feminist Cooks Like Potluck, a tye-dye extravaganza, and community service of your choosing. 

Hope to see you there!